How to know when to end a relationship – 12 subtle signs

5. You Get Annoyed With Your Partner More Than Often

Does the sound of his chewing too loudly irk you and lead to the result that you have to leave the room? Then, it may be sign that it is the right time to end the relationship.

If your relationship is happy, then you should want to be around him/her if you really care about them, not disappearing every time they enter a room as the thing that they do are annoying. Once you find yourself get annoyed, there might be a more serious concern there.

6. Things Of Your Partner You Used To Find Interesting Are Irritating

How to know when to end a relationship? Then, pay attention to this sign. When you begin finding the things that your partner does as irritating despite in the early stage of the relationship, you think they were very cute and attractive, then it might be the time for you to think about if you should end the relationship or not.

Remember that the things they do or have always done reflects who they are. Once you find yourself getting furious at everything you once liked about them, it is time to rethink and assess what is going on.

7. You Do Not Care About What Your Partner Thinks About You Anymore

It does matter that how long two of you have been together, you should still care about what he/she thinks about you. They are supposed to be the one you look for support, advice and counseling. If you do not care about that anymore, then this is a sign it is time to end your relationship.

8. You Are Not Afraid Of Losing Them Anymore

One of the clearest sign about how to know when to end a relationship is that you do not care if it will end or not. If you really love someone, then you will always wan theme in your own life. Just a simple thought of losing them can scare you. If it does not, then it is time to call it stops.

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