How to know when to end a relationship – 12 subtle signs

9. There Is No Respect Remained In Love

Do you lose respect for them? Or, do you feel like they have lost respect for you? If yes, it is a sign that the things are go out of your control. How could you maintain a healthy, happy relationship with someone who does not respect you or you do not respect them? Of course, the answer is not.

10. You Feel Like A Burden

When it feels uncomfortable to ask them to visit your friends, family, or accompany you to a certain important event, it might be something wrong in your relationship. In a relationship, either you or your partner should want to be with you and support you in every situation.

If you just simply feel reluctant of frustrated when they would like to go with them to some important events in the life, then something in your relationship is off.


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11. You No Longer Make Any Future Plan With Them

This implies that you are slowly pushing your partner out of your own life psychologically. Then, the time to actually remove your partner will soon come true. In happy relationships, we all make future plans with the ones we love, even if they just go so far as the next few days, weeks or months. Your significant other should always be reckoned as a part of them, even if the plans do not real involve him or her.

The idea that you no longer make plans with your significant other in mind reflects that it is time to stop the relationship. And, end the relationship will help both of you could move on.

12. You Fantasize About The Life With Another Person, Not Your Partner

Everyone fantasizes as it is a necessary part of the human nature. However, it starts to negatively impact your relationship when you could not give your energies into being in a relationship with your partner, and instead you choose to daydream about life with the other person. Remember, this is not the same as having a little comfortable daydream about a handsome actor like Hemsworth or a beautiful actress like Kate Upon, then moving on your daily life. The type of fantasizing mentioned here is the persistent daydream about someone who is caught your own eye and invades your soul. Perhaps, it is the nice colleague who also share snacks with you or sits next to you and gives you a great smile.

Ending such a relationship that lasts for a long period of time could be one of the hardest as well as biggest decisions you could make in your own life. When you feel unsure if you should make the right choice by ending the relationship or maintaining it, then make use of 12 signs of how to know when to end a relationship with someone you love above.

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