How to let him know he is awful in bed – 9 subtle ways

There are many things frustrating in a romantic relationship, but one of the most horrible things is having an intercourse with a man who only sucks at it. And, one of the most difficult things to do is to tell a man that he is awful in bed. Actually, it is not that the bad feeling to really tell them you did not enjoy in bed, but the misery really comes when you have to face with them, see their face when they eventually realize that they are not as good as they used to thought.
Males are strongly proud creatures and all things seem to be a competition to them. It is created in their DNA. It does not matter if it is a race for the parking or it is an eating contest, the single goal is winning over someone else. In regard to having an intercourse, males are fundamentally competing with most guys that you have ever dated with.

Unfortunately for them, not all women concerns with the numbers, but the quality, which are shown through one or two criteria, including on orga*m and intimacy.
If they could not do it, we women will have to handle the fact that they are not good, if not want to say awful in bed. But, telling the truth about the ability of a man in bedroom is not easy at all. Most men have not progressed much regarding to accepting their weak points.

They will admit something in order to be better in real life, yet it is totally a different story if you criticizing their sport teams, barbecue skills, or bed room skills. Hence, that is the reason why you need to be subtle and sensitive about telling them when they do not meet their expectations in terms of physical intimacy.

Yet, before you finding ways on how to let him know he is awful in bed, you should know what makes guys bad in bed. This is definitely essential as men will never admit to what they do wrong. The reason behind is that they have not ideas about it. Even after having sleep with a plethora of girls, guys still do not know how to make a girl orga*m. That is simply because when we get mature, we begin to learn that our own bodies need much more just a rub and a pump. Guys feel things out, and learn from the people they have been with.
Nevertheless, the problem is that most guys do not ask, if it is not called for within the process of dirty talk.

Now, it is time for you to learn how to let him know he is awful in bed. Take a look from Some information in this entry is referred from YourTango and Allwomenstalk.

How To Let Him Know He Is Awful In Bed – What To Do When Your Man Is Bad In Bed?

How to let him know he is awful in bed

1. Don’t Do It

The first choice you could opt for when it comes to learning how to let him know he is awful in bed. Keeping your idea to your own will be your first option, as there are still other ways to correct their pitfalls without telling them point. Whilst you do the deed, you could use dirty talk as an excuse. Tell them how you really want things done in a subtle way. You can even recite a bible of physical intimacy and they will not even notice. Yet, remember that this just work if you can make use of the sexiest voice. So, if you do not feel confident with your voice, don’t do it.

2. Give Subtle Commentaries

Whenever your man does something right, you can comment him on it. Let him know that is the way you love it and how good they are. That moment will be stamped within their mind, meaning that they will be more likely to do the similar things in upcoming times.

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3. Give Your Control

During the intercourse, you could suggest a bit of role playing in which you play as the boss. This manner, you could subtly give him commands on how to satisfy you, without them realizing that you are fixing their pitfalls.

4. Switch Different Positions

If some specific positions do not work for you, then you could still suggest other ones which may satisfy you. This is one of the clearest ways on how to let him know he is awful in bed. By trying new ones, you could not only get your desired orga*m but also help spice up lukewarm physical intimacy life.

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Yet, in case none of the mentioned-above ways on how to let him know he is awful in bed work, you can still try the following suggestions:

5. Talk Directly

Warrant that you do this at home, preferably right in your two private room. It will make sure that your conversation will go smoothly. But, do not alarm them by giving them a gloomy mood. Act as if you are going to tell them a business journey or something that does not require serious emotions.

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