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How to look good in photos is a common question that many girls ask. We want to know how to look good in photos so we will not be embarrassed by the photos we are tagged in on Facebook as well as other social networking sites. Also, we want to have the cutest photos of ourselves looking. Here are top 13 tips on how to look good in photos using makeup.  These 13 makeup tips on how to look good in photos from could be useful for a professional photographer’s shot or even just for your camera phone!

How To Look Good In Photos – 13 Useful Makeup Tips

1. Use Mattes

How to look good in photos? Mattes are flat colors. Actually, they do not have any sparkle or shimmer. When you are about to be photographed, you might want to avoid anything that could reflect light on your own face. The camera flash plus with the added shimmer might leave you looking like such an oil spill, not your cute self. This is considered one of the most important tip on how to look good in photos that I use all of the time. [Read: beauty trends for fall 2014]

2. Make Up In Natural Light

If you want to know how to look good in photos and even how to get the best look when taking photos, you should apply make up in natural light. The indoor lighting might modify the appearance of your make up. In fact, some lights might wash you, thereby out causing you to make up too heavily. Many people have all seen pictures of themselves where they though their make up was rather good before leaving the house, yet in photos they wonder went wrong and how to look better in future photos.

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