How to look good in photos: 13 make up tips for women – WikiYeah

3. Take Advantage Of Yellow Tinted Powder

Actually, yellow tinted powder might be better than the shimmery or translucent powders for photos. While the other powder can reflect the light, thereby leaving people with a shine, they might also leave them looking washed out in photos. I am sure none of these looks will be what you want when trying to figure out how to look good in photos. [Read: celebrity beauty tips for women]

4. Blend In Under Eye Concealer

When it comes to how to reduce dark circles under eyes, most of women go for covering up dark circles with a little concealer. Though for daily use this is fine, yet occasionally in photos, the under eye concealer may come off harsh. Thus, to fix this, you should blend out the concealer. If your concealer is not really well blended, consequently it might reveal the fine lines and even awkward coloring around your eyes.

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