How to look good in photos: 13 make up tips for women – WikiYeah

5. Black Liner And Black Mascara

The next tips on how to look good in photos is making use of liner and mascara. A lot of experts that offer advice on how women can look fantastic and beautiful in photos suggest taking advantage of black liner as well as black mascara. If you usually use browns, now you can choose black. In reality, the darker hue can give you a much better contrast. As a result, the contrast will make the eyes pop more. After all, women all want this effect, right?

6. Blush

Do not avoid blushing as skipping blush is going to wash the face out, particularly under such a heavy flash. By using blush, you can add definition to your own face. On the other hand, without blush, your face will not have the amount of definition that it would have if you use a bit of blush. However, keep in mind that you should not over apply blush either. Begin light and then add more if necessary.

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