How to look good in photos: 13 make up tips for women – WikiYeah

7. Do Not Skip Your Lipstick

Another tip on how to look good in photos is not forgetting lipstick. if you skip lipstick, you mouth will be blended in with the rest parts of the face. Thus, you need to contrast your own features in order to get the best possible pictures. Put on a bold lip or something nude. That depends on what type of look you might want to get. [Read: natural skin whitening tips]

8. Avoid Shadows

Do not create any shadow on the face with make up. Especially, do not use dark shadows below your eyes. Besides, you need to learn how to properly position the face towards the camera in order to avoid creating shadows across the face or under the chin. Keep in mind that you need to find your light and start going with it. That way, the makeup will shine on its own if you can find your light.

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