How to look good in photos: 13 make up tips for women – WikiYeah

13. Add Some Lashes

Finally, if you want to know how to look good in photos, you should not forget adding some lashes, even if  you have really long eyelashes. Adding in a few lashes along the corners of your eyes will really highlight the eyes and make them even look more beautiful! Falsies are the way to go girls! [Read: how to get longer eyelashes naturally]

Knowing how to look good in photos is really easy with some helpful yet simple make up tips. In order to get the perfect photos, I suggest taking some shots before going out. That is the best manner for you to figure out your best angles. Just make sure your own make up will look as good in photo as it does in person. If you have any unique tip about this topic, feel free to share your ideas with us below this post. We will reply all soon.

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