How to look people in the eye – 7 tips for girls & guys

5. Use Nodding To Break Your Gaze

While keeping your gaze on the other person, you should nod every now and then while making other gestures and listening to them rather than looking away as you feel uncomfortable. It is obviously acceptable and good to break the eye contact when laughing or nodding and smiling. This still brings the sense of comfortable and natural and provides you with a necessary break if essential.

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6. Keep Your Eyes Focused Whilst You Talk And Listen

There are many things about making eye contact you need to learn. On one aspect, you look into the eye while listening. On the other aspect, you also need to keep eye contact whilst trying to think of what to say. Do not be afraid if you have to break the gaze now and then. However, try to keep your face as well as eyes up and forwards while talking.

It is said that if a person looks up when talking, then it might suggest that he is lying. If a person looks down while talking, then it is thought to signify confusion on his part. Therefore, the best idea is to look straight ahead, even when you are not feeling comfortable and could not keep your eyes making eye contact.

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7. Show Your Eye Magnetism

Do not look away immediately when there is someone or something else calling for your own attention. In case there is someone calling you, you should not look away instantly as if you are having a boring conversation and that calling is a rescue from such conversation. Rather than, slightly hesitate before changing your eye direction. Another good idea is to look away and then rapidly look back.

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