18 tips on how to lose arm fat fast for women

Getting rid of excess arm flab does not mean you need to bulk up. The extra fatty tissue in the back of your arm is the result of consuming too much calories and not burning enough calories via physical activity. Follow these 18 easy tips on how to lose arm fat fast and you could have the toned arms as you wished for.

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast – Top 18 Awesome Tips

1. Watch The Calories

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast –  Watch The Calories


You need to decrease your calorie intake by start counting how many calories you take into your own body each day. Nevertheless, you should be more focused on the quality of the food you eat rather than the quantity.

2. Hydration Also Does Count

How to lose arm fat fast? Go for hydration. Most of us know that 70% of the arm mass is water. The rest is muscle. If you want to lose that arm fat fast, then you need to concentrate on your hydration. Take enough 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. When drinking water, you are helping your body flush the toxins out of it.

3. Exercise Your Arms

The most effective way to lose your arm fat is being physically active. This does not mean you have to hit the gym daily, yet there are many household activities that require intense arms movements, such as cleaning, mopping, rolling and so on. You can choose many exercises on the internet or right on Wikiyeah.com, yet make sure that you choose the right type for your age and sex. [Read: how to get rid of cellulite on thighs and legs]

4. The Good You Eat

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast –  The Good You Eat

In case you are overweight, the chances are, the arms will not be toned. I am sure that. To get rid of arm fat, you need to warrant that you are following a healthy diet plan. It is better for you to consume something that contains a lot of proteins such as non-greasy meat or fish, and good carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables. Fats, carbs, vitamins and proteins you consume each day should be well balanced out.

5. Cosmetic Surgery

This should be your last resort because it is going to be painful and of course cost you a lot of money than it would to just do exercise. Yet, it is always an option. However, a lot of surgeons will not apply this method on those people who are overweight because they know that this will not bring permanent, good results. [Read: how to get a bigger bum in 1 month]

6. Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements could be a great idea as long as you take them with the consultations of a good homeopathic doctor, who can tell you which ones will really work for you own needs. There are a lot of herbal supplements in the market that will help you reduce arm fat fast. However, if you take herbal supplements, and exercise concurrently, you will get faster results.

7. Regular Stretches

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast –  Regular Stretches

A lot of people sit on the desk or in front of a computer for a long span of time. If you are one of them, you should stretch every each hour. That way, you will eliminate fat from building in your arms. Also, it helps the blood to circulate through the veins better. [Read: how to

8. Dancing

When it comes to how to lose arm fat, this sounds crazy, yet it works. If you dance for just 30 minutes, you will be able to prevent fat from forming in your arms. When dancing, you are also moving the arms around, even you do not recognize it. On the other hand, when you exercise your arm instinctively, you realize it and just focus on the pain.

9. Weights

To know how to lose arm fat fast, when walking, you could take some weights with you so that you can lift then while walking. This is a good, simple way for you to tone up your arm and lose excess fat concurrently. [Read: healthy foods to lose weight]

10. Jumping Jacks

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast –  Jumping Jacks

According to some fitness experts, jumping jacks is one of the fastest ways to get rid of arm fat. This might sound childish when you hear this, yet it could help you in reality.

11. Rotate Wrists

Wrist rotation could affect your own shoulders as well as lower arms which are the plumpest areas. Just simply hold 1 or 2 pounds of dumbbells in each of your hands while standing up should-width apart. Then, you extend your hands forwards while keeping them firm. After that, you swiftly rotate the wrist upward and inward as far as you could. By this way, you are helping tone your arm muscles.

12. Have Confidence

This is a universal tip and it is also true when it comes to how to lose arm fat. To reduce the arm fat, you need to want to lose it, realy. Once you make that right decision, then you will soon get there. Your inner confidence will get you going farther. [Read: killer ways to build self confidence]

13. Push-Ups

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast –  Push-Ups

Even when you have to do the push-ups with the knees bent, push-ups are still a good way to tone the arms with drastic results. If you do this, you will notice a great difference. If you are not a big fan of push-ups, you could start off with some small reps and then work your own way up to doing 30 at a time, and more if possible.

14. Jump Rope

in this list of tips on how to lose arm fat fast for women, jumping rope should be counted on. This is another amr movement similar to jumping jacks that seems childish, yet it is a good workout for your amr fat.

15. Chair Dips

For this exercise, you need to choose a chair or bed, which is a little higher to the floor. Anything that is stable on the floor will be a great choice. The soft cushion sofa might not be the best idea as it will make this toning exercise harder to perform.

16. Medicine Ball

what does a medicine ball means? Well, it is sort of like a heavy weight basketball which could help your exercise routine more interesting and fun. You could use this medicine ball like the cowbell and swing it from the top of the head and down between the legs and turn back to the start position. There are a lot of ways to tone your arms with this ball; you can check some videos on YouTube to refer. [Read: how to tighten skin after weight loss]

17. Boxing

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast –  Boxing

It does not require you to set into boxing gloves to make use of this exercise to tone arm. You just need to go through the movements of boxing silie Laila Ali would in the ring. See the video on YouTube to consults her moves.

18. Yoga

This list of tips for women to learn how to lose arm fat could not be accomplished without yoga. Believe it or not, yoga moves could help you tone the arms. We all know that there are many yoga poses for weight loss, and similarly, yoga can help your get rid of arm fat as well. No need to take part in yoga class as there are many websites providing exercises on this field. Do not hesitate to try out Yoga because it will not only reduce your arm fat but also help you relax.

After treading these 18 tips on how to lose arm fat fast for women, do you feel they will work for you? Share your own tips about this topic. We appreciate your ideas. There could never be too much good advice!

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