How to lose face fat and double chin fast at home in a week: 9 tips

The excess fat around your face and neck might be because of an accumulation of fatty deposits around the chin area as well as the neck. Causes of face fat might contain general obesity, aging or water retention. A cosmetic surgeon could eliminate facial fat by performing liposuction, yet many people could not afford – or might not prefer to go under the knife. Those less intrusive methods are available to help people reduce fatty deposits in the face and neck. Here introduces top useful tips and tricks on how to lose face fat and double chin fast at home in just a week. Just take a look!

How To Lose Face Fat – Top 9 Useful Tips

1. Cheek Fat Exercise

When it comes to exercises on how to lose face fat, cheek fat exercises need to be mentioned. You can reduce cheek fat by practicing the cheek flattening exercise. Begin by filling the cheeks slightly with air, then squeeze your lips together like you are about to blow a horn instrument. Keep this position for 10 seconds or so. Try keeping your lips pressed together and holding the air within your cheeks, move the air into the right cheek and keep it in your right cheek for 10 seconds. Then, push the air to the left cheek, and keep holding for 10 seconds. Repeat this routine a few times on each side. [Read: the unique guide to reduce fat – Old school new body review]

2. Double Chin Exercise

To know how to lose face fat and double chin, you need to decrease the size of your double chin. And, to get the effectiveness in just one week, you should perform this exercise. Begin by sitting or standing, keep your shoulders back, and your chin parallel to the ground. Then, tilt the head back till the chin point towards the ceiling. The lips should be closed yet relaxed. With the chin still lifted, you purse the lips as if you are getting ready for planting a big kiss onto the ceiling. Keep your lips pursed for 20 seconds before relaxing. Return the head to the original position and repeat the exercise about 10 to 20 times per day. [Read: yoga poses for weight loss]

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