How to lose weight with green tea naturally – 7 helpful tips

Green tea is one of the healthiest drink on the planet. In fact, it is loaded with a lot of antioxidants and various substances which are really beneficial for the human health. There are a variety of benefits of green tea and one of the most well-known is weight loss aid. Many studies have shown that there is a connection between green tea and weight loss. Drinking green tea can increase fat burning and help people lose weight effectively. The bio-active substances in the tea leaves are dissolved in the water and make it into the final beverage.

When drinking one cup of the green tea, you will get a large amount of good substances with potent biological effects. The best known of these is caffeine. Just one cup of green tea includes much less caffeine (from 24 to 40 mg) than one cup of coffee ( from 100 to 200 mg), yet still enough to have a good effect. In reality, caffeine is a famous stimulant which has been shown to support fat burning and enhance exercise performance in a lot of studies. Yet, the truth is, green tea alone does not lead to weight loss – only creating a calorie deficit could do that. Nevertheless, green tea could be helpful in weight loss efforts by decreasing appetite and enhancing metabolism.

In essence, there are not specific studies which showed an exactly daily dose of green tea which will be best aid in weight loss. It is recommended that people should drink at least 2-3 cups of green tea every day while staying under the upper limits of suggested caffeine intake. [Read: healthy diet tips from models]

As mentioned early in this entry of how to lose weight with green tea, caffeine found in this herbal tea is partly responsible for its weight loss effect. Yet, caffeine is not without side effects. If you take too much of it, you might suffer from toxicity. Those pregnant women should have no more than 200 mg of caffeine each day. However, to stay within the maximal limit of caffeine intake, you should not take more than 12-16 8-ounce cups of green tea each day. Bear in mind that the strength at which tea is brewed impacts its caffeine content.

Below are some tips on how to lose weight with green tea naturally – from!

How To Lose Weight With Green Tea – 7 Super Useful Tips

1. Start Early

The first trick on how to lose weight with green tea is to replace your daily morning coffee with green tea. It has caffeine, so it will give you a boost upon starting off your mornings. However, it could also kick-start your own metabolism into action, helping you burn much more calories throughout the day. Do not add too much filler into the tea, such as honey, sugar, or milk. [Read: healthy weight loss snacks]

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