How to lose weight with green tea naturally – 7 helpful tips

2. Drink Often

You should drink a few cups of green tea a day to get good weight loss results. There is less caffeine than in one cup of coffee, you do not have to worry so much about feeling nervous and jittery if you over use of one serving. This will also help you stay full. Use green tea as a natural supplement to your meals. Take one cup of green tea before and after eating to prevent you from eating too much. However, be aware that green tea includes a diuretic, so you might need to go to the restroom more often. Yet, that can help you lose some water weight, sometimes! [Read: how to get rid of water weight naturally]

3. Stay Regular

When drinking green tea frequently, you will get extra weight loss benefits. The more you drink it, the more it may train your own body to absorb less fat. You might not notice clear benefits in the first few days of drinking green tea, yet in the long run you will realize it. It does take time.

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