How to lose weight with green tea naturally – 7 helpful tips

4. Make It The Starting

In order to know how to lose weight with green tea, you should make drinking green tea one of your good eating habits. Because green tea is the effective appetite suppressant, your own craving for bad foods and snacks will be stopped. You will be no longer controlled by food. Use this time to learn healthier and newer ways of eating.

You can start by replacing all the foods high in fat as well as calories with the foods which are better for your weight loss goals. If you decrease the caloric intake by about 500 calories each day, you can lose 1 pound each week. [Read: flat belly foods to eat]

5. Stretch Out After Drinking Green Tea

Among effective tips on how to lose weight with green tea, this might be one of the most little-known ones. In fact, green tea does more than just improving the metabolism. Because it includes an amino L-theanine, so it could promote your brain wave activity, resulting in more focused but calm peace of mind. Just simply take a walk in the early morning daily so you can lose up to 3 pounds each month.

That is more than 30 pounds in a year. Walking is good cardiovascular exercise and burn calories. And, green tea could keep your arteries around the heart flexible and open, making it a great addition to a heart-healthy diet. [Read: a detailed guide for quick fat loss – 90 second fat loss review]

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