9 tips on how to make a girl smile, laugh & like you

No matter who you ask, every woman will tell you the same thing: She wants a man who can make her laugh. It’s a universal fact for all those who enjoy laughing – which, as far as I know, is everybody. So, want to know how to make a girl smile and laugh? These are 9 best tips from Wikiyeah.com to make you become a better guy in your desired girl’s eyes. Check out nowHow to make a girl laugh

1. Do Not Try Too Hard

Do not remember jokes off the internet. That will not make you a funny and charming guy. It makes you a poser who’s trying to be a joker.

2. Surprise Her

Women love surprises. By taking the time to surprise her, you are amazingly showing that she is so special to you and that you really want to make her happy. Actually, it is rather easy to get in a rut and go through the day-to-day motions in a relationship. Once you find yourself yearning for a little adventure, you are not alone! There are some ways you can do to make her surprise. For example, you can explore a new part of town together on a whim, or take a stroll through the local farmers market. [Read: how to seduce a woman]

3. Learn From Funny People

The next tip on how to make a girl smile and laugh is to learn from those funny people. You do not have to try to be so funny in your own way, particularly if you do not know where to begin. Just simply notice those funny people, be it friends or comedians. The idea is that you watch the funny guys in stand up clubs or in funny movies, and you would see that it is less to do with words while saying the joke, and more to do with your timing and body language. [Read: best first date ideas]

4. Let Opposites Attract

Treat your desired woman like she is the opposite of what she is trying to be. So, if she is an athletic chick who likes to work out? You can call her a fatty. If she is rather intellectual, about her education? You can call her a stupid blonde, no matter what her hair color is. There is no better way to make a girl smile and laugh and show her you are not impressed with her looks than accusing her of being what she is trying hard NOT to be. Trust me!

5. The Annoying Funny Guy

As you try too hard, you would end up coming across as a very annoying man. In fact, he is the wannabe funny guy who looks around the room, hoping other people will find his joke funny and laugh with him. Thus, you should not try too hard ever, or you would just look pathetic.

6. Laugh wWholeheartedly And Avoid Laughing At Others

If you find something funny, laugh wholeheartedly. A happy laugh is completely infectious. Even if the woman you are with does not laugh, she will warm up to you unless you are laughing the maniacal laugh. [Read: how to manage anger in a relationship]

7. Avoid Being Bored

Let your own happiness consume her. Feel happy when you speak to a girl you’re trying to impress. When your face lights up with enthusiasm and happiness, she’ll start smiling without even realizing it. If you ever watch a cool guy like Al Pacino laugh on youtube, you’ll see his face brighten up when he’s in a humorous mood. [Read: the ultimate guide for dating – Tao of badass book]

8. Situational Humor

Who says you need to come up with something witty to say to make a girl smile and laugh? Why not use your environment instead? How?It is suggested that you start doing some “people watching”. Challenge a girl to tease people that walk by together with you as in: “Wow! Check out the hairdo on that one over there. He must be an environmentalist, into Greenpeace and all that, because why else would he grow such a big ass bush and NOT be ashamed of it?”

9. Tell Funny Stories

The last tip on how to make a girl smile and like you instantly is to telling funny stories. Seem traditional and old, yet always works. Women are natural sharers: She is dying to tell you her secrets, sentiments and stories. You should speed up the natural bonding process by sharing some funny family tales. Not only will she instinctively feel more attracted to you once you can tickle her funny bone, but the fact you are sharing intimate memories will make that girl feel more trusted, valued, and likely to open up. Bear in mind, this tip only works when you do not make it too abstract, such as a “had to be there” moment. You had better also avoid graphic details for now; this is not the proper time to tell her about the time you had uncontrollable diarrhea on a camping trip with your brother.

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