How to make a good impression on a first date with a guy or girl

5. Listen

The next tip on how to make a good impression on a first date with a guy or girl is using listening skill effectively. During a conversation, listen attentively to what your date. While listening, eye contact is required, as is smiling and nodding. You might think this advice is so obvious, yet those subtle body language clues are showing you are really listening. Besides, you should not hold your date’s gaze for too long because this may make him or her feel a little bit comfortable. Upon asking question, you should not interrupt as you are talking. [Read: how to build self confidence]

6. Show Your Interest

In addition to listening attentively, you should ask your date some questions such as what are they doing and what their favorites are. There are some great topics to talk during a date which are family, hobbies, and travel destinations. Yet, it does not mean you have to make your date feel as though they sit in a dark room with a light focusing on them, yet show your genuine interest in their work and interests.

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