How to make a guy go crazy over you – 10 must-try tips

It is hard to find any girl or woman who does not want to be in a romantic relationship in which the man goes crazy about them. So, is there any guaranteed way to blow a man’s mind and make him go crazy over you? It is worth-noting that there is no such “warranted method” to make a man fall head over heels for a woman. However, there are still some pointers, if followed appropriately, could help you achieve that goal and make the guy you want fall in love with you. In fact, making a man go crazy is not hard at all, with a little patience and time, you can do it. Below, I will give you a few definite tips and tricks on how to make a guy go crazy over you. Take a look from WikiYeah!

How To Make A Guy Go Crazy Over You – 10 Tried-And-True Tricks

How to make a guy go crazy over you

1. Use Eye Contact – Gazing

Assume that you are sitting in a crowded bar, or coffee shop, or on campus, then you see the guy you like. So now, what should you do? How to make him go crazy over you? Just make use of your eyes. A small tip to make a huge difference: simply gaze into his eye, then blink gently, gaze softly at the guy with a light smile. He will wonder what you are thinking. As a result, it will drive him crazy.
If you want to make him go over heels for you, then you should not be a woman who is afraid of looking into the man’s eyes. Do not think that eye contact could take away your power. Actually, there is nothing more powerful than seductive and long eye contact, particularly when it comes to seducing a man without words.
Fact is, seduction begins with the eyes. Yet, keep in mind that it should be a seductive eye contact, not the creepy one. If two of you look at each other right at the exact moment, then things will be pushed forward.

2. Wear Attracting Perfume

One of the best tips on how to make a guy go crazy for you is wearing the perfumes for women that men love. Men like those women who have signature scents. Opt for the sexy or flirty perfume and apply it a little. One trick is wearing the same type of perfume when being around him. If he does not buy you a new perfume type, which may imply that he does not like the type you opt for, chances are he will surely love that smell every time you meet him.

3. Be Confident

A wit, sexy body can help you attract men? Sure, but just temporarily. In reality, a hot dress, sexy body might draw a guy in at first, yet to make a man want you more, you need something else more than that – it is confidence.
Just a confident girl definitely knows he is worth it. Once you are confident, you understand your value, and more importantly, the guys around you will see the confidence of you.
Actually, confidence plays an almost whole role when it comes to attractiveness in relationships.

4. Avoid Being Desperate

Be an independent woman, not the desperate one. Men do not want to feel like your happiness depends on you. Just make sure that you keep all things under control as many acts as desperation is among big turn offs for men.
In regard to the advice of not being desperation, there are 3 “don’ts” to follow:
• Do not get over drunk
• Do not dance to sexily when around him
• Do not laugh excessively at his jokes

5. Be Willing To Try New Things

Among tricks on how to make a guy go crazy over you, not many people acknowledge this one. You had better be open to try something new even when you are single, yet particularly when you are in a relationship. Obviously, we all have fears, yet sometimes it is necessary to overcome some of it to open a new world. If that man wants to go parachuting for his birthday, or try a new type of food for the anniversary, then do not hesitate to do it. That is a way to show your love and that you are not afraid of having fun.

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6. Be Unpredictable

Be a woman who could spring fun, new things to do on others. Have plans for fun, unexpected adventures, too. Not all guys love surprises, yet most of them love the mystery surrounding such an unpredictable girl. However, just be a little bit unpredictable in order to keep things exciting and interesting. Avoid overdoing it.

7. Be Flirty

With several flirting tips for girls, you totally can have a guy melting in your own arms. Yet, remember that there is an extremely important rule in regard to flirting – avoid being creepy. Both girls and guys are big fans of flirting. Nevertheless, some guys could be strongly nervous wrecks, and therefore might be afraid to flirt. Then, they keep waiting for a sign.
Let that man catch you in the act, give him a slight smile, then look at him for just a few seconds, look away instantly.
That will let him know that you are interested in him, meaning that your task is almost done. Yet, pay more attention to your body language. Keep it on point as your body language could tell so much about your mood. Use your feminine, your smile and your eyes to your own advantage.

8. Use Touches

No matter what you do, you should not underestimate the power of a gently and close touch, particularly if he is not initially prepared for it. Just a simple unexpected touch will build an intimate physical connection that just not only leaves him wanting you more, but even become something that he will surely remember for a few days afterwards.
A few studies have shown that touching whilst flirting could create liking and attraction. Simply put, as accidentally touching a man, he will be more attracted to you. Just “by accident” and this innocent tip will do magic.

9. Be Feminine

In contrast to what people often think, “being a manly girl” will not help you go crazy over you. Thus, do not be that girl, but be opposite of it. It is fun to be slight boyish for some sporty things that both of you might do on at a few first dates. However, after that, be girly and sweet.
Show him your feminine qualities, yet not too obvious. For example, you could flip your hair to one side and show the neck. Neck is one of female body parts men love. Speak softly. That will make him feel masculine due to your femininity. Show that man your sensitive, tender, nurturing, and positive spirit. Though, be careful with self-assurance and whole confidence. Do this tip genuinely and moderately.

10. Be Responsible

Be financial responsible if you want to know how to make a guy go crazy over you. Show that you are responsible but still could have fun. This is a perfect way to hook a man. No man wants to be with a woman that could not take control or manage her paycheck, especially in the long term.
There, you have known 10 out of most effective tips on how to make a guy go crazy over you. With these tips, you could seduce a man you want. Good luck!