How to make a guy laugh without dumbing down – 7 must-do tips

You have your eyes on your crush and want to hang onto him. However, you do not know how to keep that guy interested and make him laugh without dumbing down. Actually, dumbing down is a fool pitfall made by a lot of women. They think that men love it when women appear silly or dumbing. However, the truth is not that. Fact is, the best thing you could do to impress a guy is to be the person who you are, and in case that does not work, your last choice can be dumbing down for him.

So, if you are looking for ways on how to make a guy laugh really hard, from, we have come up with some simple strategies which can help you keep your newest catch on line and stick around you. Take a quick look!

How To Make A Guy Laugh – 7 Sure-Fire Tips Without Appearing Dumb

How to make a guy laugh

1. Make Use Of Sarcasm

It is said that sarcasm is considered as the highest form of smartness, according to a research. Yet, in order to decode sarcasm, it is necessary for both sides overcome the contradiction between the actual and literal meanings of the expressions. If possible, you should use sarcasm in order to make your crush laugh. This does not mean that you appear dumb, it exhibits your smartness while challenging him to think from your view.

2. Take An Interest In His Hobbies

Among tips on how to make a guy laugh, this is the best one you could follow. Take an interest in something that he loves to do. Choose something that you could really do, yet the point is to let him know that you are ready to try new things – particularly the things that he is deeply into. Whether it is hiking, golf, or surfing, if there is something that he does and you also enjoy, then you can make him laugh and keep him come back for more.

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3. Get To Know His Style

In reality, humor is subjective. Maybe, what you find interesting and funny will not be your friends’ choice. Hence, to know how to make a guy laugh, you should get to know him first. Discover the name of comedians he likes, the TV shows he loves, the humor he does employ, etc. These are cues for you to know how to make a guy laugh. There are tons of ways to relate to him without the need of dumbing down.

4. A Little Bit Kooky

Sometimes, laughing at yourself can be one of the ways on how to make a guy laugh. Be quirky and kooky a little bit and play off on slapstick comedy. Facial expressions as well as mannerism play a great role in communicating as the real words do, so you should not be afraid of being expressive and making fun even of yourself.

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5. Go For Dirty Jokes

Dirty jokes are some of great things you can use to make a guy laugh. There are a lot of naughty jokes out there which could turn on t he brain power for figuring out what they are. One great thing about such type of jokes is that people can inject them a little bit of eroticism and freely send out many types of signals to that guy. That way, he will laugh more and even want you more.

6. Use Technology

One of the new ways on how to make a guy laugh is to make use of technology. For example, you can take advantage of witty banter through email or text message. He could not see your own face so he cannot what will happen. Use the situation to blow him away. And, also use your wit to surprise him, but try to keep it short.

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7. Choose The Proper Time For Joking

One of the most crucial tips on how to make a guy laugh is to time your jokes right. Do not force them onto him. Use your humor at the right time and avoid letting him think that you try too hard. However, if you sense any negative vibe from that guy, stop trying to be humorous and funny because it will surely backfire. Therefore, till you sense an easygoing and positive vibe, you can use jokes as your advantage.

Despite you are not the funniest person that he has met, it does not mean that you are funny. Let your characteristic and personality shine through. It is no doubt that you will finally make that guy laugh no matter what you say. Whatever you do to make him laugh, just be yourself. Hope that you find these relationship tips useful!