How to make a man feel loved and wanted – 16 useful tips

5. Compliment Him

Sincerely complimenting is always a good way to make someone feel special and loved. So, do not hesitate to give a compliment when he is trying to do something nice for you. Be sincere and genuine when complimenting and commend him for being a good guy, praise his accomplishments ad achievements, and take it easy on the criticisms. Your encouragement and compliments matter much to your man, as it makes him feel good about himself.

6. Flirt With Him In Front Of Other People

This might be the lesser-known way on how to make a man feel loved that girls do not notice. Make use of public display of affections. Your man might feel awkward when give him a kiss or cling to his arms in front of people, yet his awkwardness does not mean that he hates your treat. In reality, he would still love your PDA as it makes him feel special and get the jealous stares from other guys.

7. Accept Your Pitfalls

In case your make a mistake, be graceful to accept it. Do not try to manipulate your man or trick him into believing it was his mistake just because your own ego is fragile to admit your pitfalls.
Your man might not voice out it, yet he might recognize that he is being manipulated and then hate you for it. Just try to learn how to let go of your need in order to be right when necessary.

8. Show Your Affection Through Physical Intimacy

In case you are not comfortable of showing your love to him in front of others, then just simply show some unexpected affection just in front of him. Tiptoe your guy from behind or gently hug him when he is watching or reading something. Kiss his check, sit on his lap, play with his hair, or stare at him from across the room before winking at him suggestively – these are some non-sexual ways on how to make a man feel loved and special when having you in his life. That also makes you feel good. These surprising acts of love should be carried out now and then. On the other hand, that is also one of many ways when it comes to how to make your guy laugh without dumbing down.

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