How to make a man feel loved and wanted – 16 useful tips

9. Do Not Compare Him With Other Guys

Remember this: never ever compare your guy in bad light with other guys. It is a big blow to him and makes him feel miserable. He might already know his weak points, yet once you pinpoint it to him by comparing him to other men, then he will feel smaller and emasculated in your eyes.

10. Listen To His Voice

When a girl carefully listens to a guy, then this makes him feel appreciated and needed. When the guy is trying to explain his view point, do not see red and hardly yell at him. By listening to what he says even when you do not disagree, he will feel your respect. Neglecting his opinions will just make him feel like you do not really care about his thoughts.

11. Ask For His Support

Let yourself be vulnerable and dependent in front of him. As capable and strong as you are, let your own guard down right in front of him and let him see your weak side. Share with him what troubles you, and show your need and appreciation for his support.

12. Give Him Your “Thanks You”

When he does something nice for you, give your thanks and an appreciative kiss to him without hesitation, even if it is just as simple as giving you your smart phone. Sometimes, in a relationship, it is very easy to overlook those little romantic gestures for your partner and take them for granted.

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