How to make a man feel loved and wanted – 16 useful tips

13. Share Your Deep Secrets

Among little known ways on how to make a man feel loved, this might be the most. When a woman trusts a man enough to share her own deep secrets, or innermost feelings, it implies how important the man is in her life. By sharing your secrets, he will get closer to you.

14. Give Him Your Support

This sounds rather strange regarding ways to make a man feel loved. However, by letting your man know that you are always be there for him, he will feel better about himself. Offering your help, even when he declines it, means you care much about him and are eager to help him resolve problems.

15. Surprise Him

Surprising him is also a way to prove that you love him and need him. Surprise him now and then with sweet gestures like giving him the tickets to his favorite game, movie tickets, or other things that may excite him. It is not necessary for you to prepare something expensive for him, but beyond that your gestures will definitely make his day.

16. When You Get Something For Yourself, Get For Him Too

Last but not least, every time you buy something new for yourself, do not forget your boyfriend. For instance, if you enter a coffee shop to buy a coffee, you also get one for him. By that way, he knows that he is always available in your mind and this small gesture will put a big smile onto his face.

Actually, there are tons of ways to make your boyfriend feel loved and wanted. The above are 16 most recommended ways given by relationship experts, so use these tips to make him fall in love with you more.

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