How to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love – 8 steps

After a long enough amount of time playing mind games, you cannot hold your feelings and emotions for yourself and you decided to expose your feelings to your crush. You hoped for caring gestures after your revelation because you thought, “He is too embarrassed and shy for taking the first step.” Yet, then what you expected to happen still did not. He is not ready for a relationship yet, as he is still handling with his previous breakup, he just wants to concentrate on his job, or figures out ways to gain world peace. He said that you should slow down things and enjoy one another’s company first.

What Will You Do?

Make him fall in love with you by speeding things up OR wait for him when he becomes ready OR run away? Well, you are reading this entry, so I think your choice is the first. Then, fortunately, here are a few sneaky tips on how to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love and become open to you, emotionally. Check out from WikiYeah!

How to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love

1st Phase: After Your Confession

This stage often begins the moment after you realized that you want to achieve things by yourself or the moment you had “a talk” with that man.

1. Be Friend With Him

In order to know how to make an unemotionally available man fall in love, you should learn to be his friend first. What if the “excuse” he sent to you for not being ready for a relationship is not actually an excuse? Suspension from career, the death of a special person or something else? Is there anything of this occurred to you? If you care for this man, be there when he needs to share his feelings, or whenever he really needs. This will help you understand who you are and what you are like in a romantic relationship. If he will go through something serious, then do yourbest to avoid putting any pressure on your non-relationship.

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2. Do Not Chase Him

In order to make a man fall in love with you, you should not chase him, but let him chase you. If you become too needy or too available to him, or worse, if you are the one who is always initiating them, then just try to slow down. You do not want to be the eager beaver in the relationship. Being the one who chases will near you down and make you feel less appealing.

As you already know that he would like to take things slow, wait for him to move the first step, whether it is a chat, a date, text, e-mail. I know it is not easy and you are scared that if you stop interacting with him, he will forget you. If you are still in this phase, then chances are he will feel curious as to why you stopped communicating with him, this make you more attractive to him. Try to follow his own space regardless of the slowness. Or in simple words, make you pace slower.

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