How to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love – 8 steps

3. Get Busy

If you want to slow things down but feel it hard, then keeping yourself busy with other activities will help you this favor. That way, you will not be tempted to send him a text message. Also, this applies to coupled or married men. If you get married to a man who seems to prefer playing games than spending time withyou, perhaps, it will help if you get busy rather than nagging him about his hobby.

Try to join in the activities which you really love to do and do them. Your emotionally unavailable man will notice how important you are soon and will probably begin to fear that you enjoy your life so much without noticing to him and that he will end up losing you.

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4. Open Up

How do you think if the reason he is scared of being in a romantic relationship with you or he is not open to you is that you are not truly open to him, either? Well, tell him about your deep secrets, your fears or your craziest dream. That will get him to open up with you.

Sharing something deep will help you build intimacy and that is what you are going for, right? Watch for the signs. If he is intently listening to your secrets and also sharing his own,then it means there is a big hope for you. In case there is not any enthusiasm from him, it is a sign he is not into you. That also means you need to give a lot of hard work to gain what you want.

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