How to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love – 8 steps

2nd Phase: The Assessment Phase

When learning how to make an emotionally unavailable man fall in love with you, you will go through this phase. Assume that it is about one year passed since you confessed your feelings, and you have rightly done all things above and every problem and excuse has already been dealed. You now get tired of your held feelings, yet you still hope that one day he will make things official. This is exactly the time you should assess him as well as his emotions for you and vice versa.

5. Date Other Men

You are still not getting clear positive signal of being accepted by your crush after one year of confession. Perhaps, this is time to have dates with other guys. I witnessed some couples in which the man only made things official when he saw the woman arm-in-arm with another guy. He could not stand seeing such thing. This is a sneaky move.

If you are with another men and he does not get jealous, then it is a big red flag. Rather than asking him about the relationship, you should ask yourself if you actually want to be with this man. Jealousy does not really mean that he loves you, yet it can lead him to make the necessary move faster, especially if he really cares about you and was only waiting for the right time.

6. Surprise Him With “No”

If you always say “yes” to him, surprise him by saying something opposite – a “no.” – to something that he expects you to say yes to, be it a fancy getaway or a date. This may make your guy wonder the reason why you say no, and even threaten him.

The feeling he experiences when you show him that you are not too much into him will make him crazy. It makes him rethink the non-relationship and may make the first move this time, as he now realizes that he wants a relationship with an emotional commitment.

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