7 tips on how to make eye contact with a guy without looking weird

You are too shy to strike up a conversation with your crush or, you want to do a little bit eye flirting with that hot man across the room? Assume that you are at a pub, an attractive man is looking at you from the corner of the pub. You also make eye contact with that guy, yet it feels so awkward. Then, he gets closer to you, yet you are not sure if it is because you have just stared at him like a creepy. Making eye contact is an art, really.

Particularly, it is true when you meet a man whom you have your eyes on, making eye contact with him could be more confusing, even sometimes, nerve-wracking ordeal. What should you do when the eyes of two of you meeting each other? Should you instantly look away? Should you frankly look into his blue eyes or simply look down at your own finger nails?

When it comes to flirting tips and tricks on how to make eye contact with a guy, actually, there is no specific surefire way to do it perfectly, yet you could always try a few of these tips to ensure that you do not end up looking weird or embarrassing yourself. The best part of eye contact flirting is that it could even help you gauge a guy’s interest in you without having to ask them out. Besides, you could also let him know that you are interested in him and warm him up at the first date without saying “hello”. So, how to make eye contact with a guy without looking weird? Check out from WikiYeah below!

How To Make Eye Contact – 7 Useful Tips For Girls

how to make eye contact with a guy

1. Stare Occasionally And Casually

The first tip on how to make eye contact with a guy is very basic. You just need to casually stare now and then when seeing your crush. Then soon, he will notice you back. Yet, remember that you should be very subtle with your stares or you might end up looking perverted.

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2. Glance At Him Briefly And Gently Smile

When initially noticing the guy you like, be calm and be short about it. This is not the time for you to make an all-out staring contest. Making eye contact with the guy for just about 3 seconds, smile, look down and turn away.
By doing so, you are piquing his interest. Now, he knows that you have just noticed you. Nevertheless, he does not actually know what you are thinking. Perhaps, it is a friendly glance, or a hesitant, small flirt sign. Because he has no idea, so he is curious about you.

3. Glance At Him While Laughing

After you see him look at you a few times, and you are chatting with your friends, to make eye contact with a guy without looking weird, you can look at him when you are laughing. That way, when he sees you laughing, he will be impressed that you are an approachable girl and feel less “hesitated” or “threatened” when he decides to make a move. Happiness is always attractive.
If possible, before looking away, you give him your “personal” smile. To put in simple words, you can stop laughing and start smiling. Just make sure that he understands that you just smile particularly for him. This signals him that you noticed him.

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