7 tips on how to make eye contact with a guy without looking weird

4. Give Him “A Look” When He Smiles Back

Assume that he smiles back at you, and is also interested in you, give him a “look up and down and up at him again”. That is one of the most effective tips on how to make eye contact that works for many girls. If you do so, he knows that you are into him now.

5. Wait A While

Now, after doing the tips on making eye contact above, you keep chatting, laughing and joking with your friend as normal and have a good time. Every now and then, look up at him again and smile sweetly. However, avoid being overzealous about it. Make sure he also sees that you are glancing at him, not fiercely staring. Over staring will freak him out. It is also rude.

6. Build The Excitement

Now, you have got your crush looking back at you to see if you still glance at him, it is the time for you to build the excitement , even a little sexual tension between the two of you. Stop glancing for a few minutes and wait for them to stare at you now and then.
Your crush will wonder why you do not continue staring or glancing anymore and might start to stare at you much more often. This way, you make this guy interested in you and both of you are building the game of starring. Acknowledge his stare and then drop a couple of signals to get him strike up to communicate with you.

7. When You Are Going To Leave, Make Sure He Notices You

When it comes to tactics on how to make eye contact with a guy, this is an important one that I cannot stress it enough. You should not slip out with your friends whilst your crush is at the bar for getting another drink, or when he goes to the restroom. Just make sure that he sees you are leaving. If he does not see you are going to leave, he cannot get your phone number to contact with you and all your attempt of making eye contact before is for nothing.

The above are some of the tried-and-true relationship tips on how to make eye contact with a guy (for example that two of you have not known each other before). Remember that men will find it much easier to approach a woman who is more approachable and willing to exchange flirty stares. If you like a guy, then stare back to build the eye contact. It will help you him approach him much more easily. Actually, eye contacting is an exciting and slow game that needs time to develop. If you overdo this or stare it longer than necessary, you will end up looking desperate.

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