How to make her want more after a one night stand: 9 tips

4. Respect Her

One of the most important tip on how to make her want more after a one night stand is be respectful towards her. To make sure she want to see you again, you should also treat her like you are going to see her again. That means, be nice and avoid something like “next time….” Because it just sets the cogs in her mind that you two will meet one another again for the same reason like this one. If she would like to borrow a shirt, then you should feel free to lend it to. She will realize that you care for her.

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5. Hang Out After The Night

In the next morning, if possible, find a chance to hang out with her. This actually depends on if either of you have to go to work or not. In case you two don’t, you could spend some time together. Have a coffee and get to know each other to see how you could get along with her. This will leave your crush feeling like it is natural to meet you again. Chances are, you could have the next one night stand, who knows?

6. Ask For Her Number

This sounds obvious but many men forget this, particularly when being in a rush of going to the workplace. Take her phone number, preferably not when either you or her walks out the door. If you could not contact her, you will not see her again.

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