How to make her want more after a one night stand: 9 tips

7. Follow Up

If you and her have had a conversation already, then you could easily follow on in order to engage in a more normal conversation. That will not make her feel like you and her are just two random individuals bumping uglies. If she is interested in seeing you once again, she will be responsive.

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8. Avoid Being Needy

You should not show that you are too needy, but still warrant she knows that you are really interested in her. Try to let her know you want to see her once again without sounding too desperate. It is not necessary that you have to meet her the following night, or make plans a few days right after that. Just make sure that you have plans to see her once again.

9. Let Her Go Nicely

This relationship tip is applied when you could not spend any time with each other in the next morning. You should leave her place (if you do) as nice as possible. After a one night stand, women often feel guilt because they are afraid of being judged by people around.

In case you are at your own place and you have to go out for work, then let her out respectfully but you wish you could stay longer. Do not only get out of the door and leave her with the question why you have to leave so quickly like that.

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