How to make her want you sexually more – 14 easy tips

Women love good guys who are fun. However, there are also many men around them. To be honest, any guy out there will all admit that they want to learn how to turn a girl on more often than not. The desire of learning how to make her want you sexually is ingrained in your own system, no matter what you try to do in order to resist it. It is your nature, guys. So, don’t deny it.

However, most men have trouble making women want them sexually. This is the reason why many men end up the friend zone. Some other men may not be able to maintain the essential spice in their relationship with their girlfriends. Fortunately, the following article will give you some important tips and tricks on how to make her want you sexually more. These tips are basics helping you have the strong foundation of seduction.

How To Make Her Want You Sexually More – 14 Easy Tips

How to make her want you

1. Be Dependable

To make her want you sexually, you first need to build up trust with her. Be dependable. Show her your amazingly dependable guy. If she trusts you enough to have physical intimacy with you, then she has to feel like she could depend on you. For girls, most of them have the fear that as soon as she has an intercourse with you, she will not be able to rely on you as you have achieved what you want. Prove her wrong by staying beside her and become a dependable man.

2. Avoid Acting Like You Are An Addict Of Intercourse

When it comes to learning how to make her want you sexually, acting like you are obsessed with sex is a definitely no-no. The last thing you want your girlfriend think is that you are an addict of s*x that you do not care which woman comes into your bed. Make her feel special and loved, like you want only her.

Nonetheless, it is not also a good idea to hide the fact that you are not a man with real needs. But, you should also avoid talking about physical intimacy continually. Besides, avoid making derogatory comments about other girls because that just makes your girlfriend feel like a piece of meat. 

3. Be Loyal

Making a girl trust you also means that you need to be loyal to her. A girl will never have an intercourse with you when she thinks that you are in a relationship with other women or even hanging out with other women. Despite you do not have to ignore or be rude to other women, you should also have a laser-sharp concentration on your girlfriend, letting her know that you will always be there for her, particularly after you begin having an intercourse. You should make sure that you spend at least 1 or 2 dates per week for her and you check in with her if you are not together.

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