How to make him miss you & call you more: 10 killers tips

Have you ever wondered how to make the guy you like miss you more? How many times have you sat by the phone and wonder that what your man is up to, and when is he going to call you again?
This is not easy to answer. Actually, the novelty of a new relationship often wears off more quickly for a guy than for a girl. So, why does this occur? It is simple, because girls give in too easily and even reveal things more easily.

So, if you want to know how to make him miss you and call you more, then you should understand more about the psychology of men while still learning the tips below. This article, made by WikiYeah, will show you super easy but effective tricks on how to make him miss you and call you more.  Some information in this entry is gathered from Slism and Allwomenstalk. Just take a look!

How To Make Him Miss You – 10 Killers Tips To Make Him Call You More

How to make him miss you

1. Be Busy

In order to make him miss you, you should be a little busy. You do not have to be free every time he texts, calls, wants to meet, etc.
Your goals, hobbies, friends, career, and family all hold an important role in your life, so you should enjoy them. Thus, you should join in activities, hang out with your friends and focus on definitely crushing an upcoming task at work. That way, your guy will be happier when he can grab some dates when you are free. However, being busy just works if you are really busy. In order to have a successful relationship with your loved guy, you need to have your own life. The best relationships, in fact, come from two independent individuals who can decide to take on life together.

Though this might be against to the old sayings you have ever heard about “finding your other special half” and “soul mates”, yet in recent days, we all need to have our own goals, lives, interests and ambitions and then offer them into a union.

2. Leave Him On A High Note

Nothing supports a trustworthy, solid, and long-term relationship more than leaving someone on a high note, particularly if you have been through certain rough patches. As he and you part ways on overly serious or unpleasant words, chances are, the time he spends away from you will be associated with questions about if your relationship is right for him or not.
Instead, do not give that guy the chance to do it with you, always make him miss you by taking your own leave cheerfully, with kisses, hugs, laughter and promises to the upcoming reunite.

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3. Be Mysterious

One of the best ways on how to make him miss you is to leave a little mystery behind. This will ensure that he will still think of you once you leave. Yet, hold back a little bit and make him work in order to get laughs and smiles from you and avoid the classic girlish mistake of over-sharing.
In case he asks you about what happened in your past, then you should be coy, yet not annoyingly so. You can answer his questions, yet do not supply too much information. Put a little bit ambiguity about your own story will be the best manner to make him want to know more about you. Of course, that means he will miss you.

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4. Be Sincere

In regard to tips on how to make him miss you, being sincere tends to be under-valuated. However, the idea of being sincere will make him feel like he has found his special soul mate in you. Try to genuinely listen to him when he says. Ask proper questions and bear in mind the things he mentions so that the next time he brings them up, you could let him know that you really do listen.

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