How to make him obsessed with you without touching him – 12 tips

Absence in relationships if in a proper amount will make the heart grow fonder. However, let’s face it: absence just helps you if your man is really missing you during that time. The majority of women want to make their men obsessed over them but they do not know how to do it the right way. That is why we from put together useful tips and tricks on how to make him obsessed with you without touching him. Learning how to make a guy miss you is not an esoteric art which just the initiated could master; in fact, it is a concrete procedure of steps to take to increase the chance that he will think of you when you are not around him. Let’s get started!

12 Must- Try Strategies On How To Make Him Obsessed With You

How to make him obsessed with you

1. Dress To Win

Of course, this is the first step you could take to make a guy obsessed with you. If you have curves, then flaunt them. Every woman has something special in their own appearance, be it physical attribute like your hands, your curves, your bones…. In case you think that you are wearing too simple, then go for a makeover. Improve and enhance your own looks rather than changing them. Your physical appearance should be good enough in order to take his breath away.

2. Slowly Reveal Your Facets

The majority of women make a common mistake when it comes to dating is revealing their facets right in the first few dates and do not save anything for later ones. If it is also your mistake, then your man will soon lose interest in you. So, a surefire method on how to make him obsessed with you is to reveal your facets step-by-step. Be mysterious, intriguing, and unpredictable. That is also a way to seduce a man.

If he asks you about something in your past, you could be coy but do not annoyingly so. Do not give too much information when answering his questions. If you could add some ambiguity to your story, then it will warrant that he will want to spend more time with you.

3. Leave On A High Note

In reality, leaving on a high note can support a long-term, trustworthy relationship more than anything else, particularly if you have been through some rough patches. When you leave him on a high note, chances are, he will have a lot of questions about whether your relationship is right for him. But, you should not give your man that chance. Rather than, you should take your leave cheerfully with kisses, hugs, promises to reunite in no time, and laughter. This is particularly true in regard to physical intimacy.

4. Use Your Eyes

Body language can work wonders if you want to make him obsessed with you. Learn how to use body language for attraction is an art. You could use your body language to send some signals to the man you are interested in. There are some body language signs you could make use of, yet your eyes could do the best. Take advantage of eye contact to flirt with your guy and tell him what you want to do with him. But, avoid using any other body part whilst you use your eyes.

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