How to make him obsessed with you without touching him – 12 tips

5. Be Good In Bed

Being good in bed is very important in case of a long-distance relationship. In such case, you need something to get your man going through long nights without you. And, to be good in bed, you need to acknowledge what your man likes and dislikes in the bedroom. That will help you have an up hand in the competition.

Try some new techniques or new positions to make him obsessed with you and your body. By learning some tips to blow his mind in bed, every time the two of you meet up, you could give him what he wants exactly. Try to do those techniques lingeringly, slowly, teasingly, and lovingly. Yet, make sure that you can hit his key spots so that whenever he thinks of romantic passion, he just thinks of you only.

6. Show Him The Fun Parts Of Your Own Life

Now, we go out of the bedroom to learn a more advanced tip on how to make him obsessed with you. You can highlight the fun parts of your own life, not in your Instagram profile or any other social channels.

Do not try to prove that your life is a wonderland. Be positive. You could tell him what make him think that you are a great person to be around no matter he is there or not, be it about a great concert you used to go, the new dish you tried, etc.

7. Show Your Interest In Someone Else

Well, this will hit his jealousy. Simply put, make your man jealous. The advice is to redirect your attentions from what you really pay attention to into someone else. Dress beautifully, flirt, laugh, listen, and make use of gentle touches on arms and hands, and display your interest in that person (at least for him to see). Nonetheless, do not make it too obvious.

All humans pursue the things which retreat from them. Hence, if you want to make a man obsessed over you, you have to ignore him but giving your attention to another now and then.

8. Show Him What He Misses

This is a great tip on how to make him obsessed with you for long-distance couples. You could use Skype or Snapchat or any app with video chat function to have a live video when you are apart. Paint a good picture to him, but remember that distance tends to make us think of alternatives as people are hardly away from the ones they love; therefore, do not add any incentive. You should let the background an orderly clean space, not the one looking like you are a mess. Pay attention to your appearance because you will not be physical intimate does not mean that you do not put on your best when you are “together”.

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