How to make him obsessed with you without touching him – 12 tips

9. Make Him Wait

One of the trickiest tips on how to make him obsessed with you is this, even when you two are having a happy relationship. Prove your desirability by keeping a proper distance. You do not have to jump at him instantly right after his texts, laugh at all of his jokes or responds all of his texts.

10. Leave Him Want You More

Try to learn to make him want you more if you want to make him obsessed with you. More stories, more kisses, more creativity, more laughter and more of secrets, whatever it could be.

Play hard to get but just a little bit. Be in his reach but not at his beck and call. It is okay to cancel other places once in a while because of him, but you should stick to your schedule and call it when your “together” time is finished. When you are not around, or when you leave him whilst he is having fun, he will think of you more.

11. Ignore Him

When a man thinks that you care, then he will be less likely to want to chase you or pursue contact with you. Even when he still wants you in his life, he will know that you will soon get in touch for him. That is when Him 1 and you 0. Assume that you two have not ended things completely, there will be some uncompleted business that he will think about. Your job in this case is to not give him an easy chance to explore it. Stay aloof. Let him wonder if he should contact you or not. That is when you are making him obsessed with you.

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12. Be Confident And Independent

One of the best ways to make him obsessed with you is to not depend on him for your happiness. Particularly, when you two are in a long-distance relationship, the key to success is to find serenity and solace in your own.

The most appealing thing for a man is that his woman has a confident and positive attitude towards things in life. Show him that you are joyfully pursuing your own commitments, interests, hobbies, and friendships whilst he is not around will keep you in his mind more than anything else could do. However, when you are alone with him, you should show him a bit of shyness.

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