How to make him want you more with 10 lovely tips

3. Don’t Prove Too High Maintenance

Those men, who think they have to dress a certain manner or supply a certain dollar amount of fortune to keep up with the beauty of a woman or her material maintenance, might lose interest rapidly. Also, they could lose their interest in you as they feel as if your needs or demands are over to handle with. Thus, you should not be too high maintenance and even expect this could be attractive to a guy. Whilst it is okay for you to want nice things or simply look nice, you had better find a happy medium here to keep it safe. [Read: what man want in bed]

4. Make That Man Work For Your Attention A Little Bit

When it comes to learning how to make him want you more, it is better for you to learn how to make that man work for your attention. To put in simple words, for examples, when the two of you are dinning out or seeing a movie, you could let him do most of the work, like letting him grab your hand, steal a kiss, or open the door for you. Just let him know that you expect these things by not being the first person to make the moves. [Read: A unique guide to make him go his knee for you – Make him desire you review]

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