How to make him want you more with 10 lovely tips

5. Be Nice And Socialize To His Friends

Like women, men also have best friends who love watching football or taking about politics, like your man. When the two of you hang out with his friends, just be nice to them; don’t just look at your smart phone screen for all the night. Take part in their conversations, even you don’t know much about them, you can ask them to teach you some. Be nice to his friends is a way to show your respect to them. A man might appreciate your more after that. [Read: how to impress a boy and make him like you]

6. Share Your Ideas With Him

The men don’t like someone who separate with him. They are just normal people, therefore, they cannot read your mind, if you don’t talk they will not know what you need. Let’s share some aspects of your dreams or your future life plans to him. That’s will make he feels to be one part of your world that he is important to you. [Read: how men fall in love]

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