How to make him want you more with 10 lovely tips

7. Stay Mysterious

The less he knows about you, the more he wants to know. Secrets make girl. One easy way on how to make him want you more is make you to be more mysterious. He will be interested in you and your life. He will spend more time to think about you, to figure out interesting things of you. Let your secret become your secret weapon.

8. Don’t Be Over Control Or Blind Jealous

Everyone knows that jealousy can make love more appealing but if it is overwhelming it can kill love. When you see your man going out with a stranger girl, first calm down and then talk with him seriously but in a gentle way. Don’t mess up everything when you don’t know about it clear. May be that girl is just a normal friend, a co-worker or even your man’s sister. That will show your mature to him. And he can trust you because you know how to deal with everything. No one can let such that girl go away, he just want you more and more. [Read: effortless ways to flirt with a guy]

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