How to make homemade hair dye: 7 recipes to color your hair naturally

If you want to get your desired shade without the use of chemicals, then you could opt for homemade hair dye. This makes it definitely perfect for women interested in natural products which do not result in damage to their hair, health as well as environment. Of course, a herbal dye, is not as potent as a real one but it can condition as an could be applied daily till you can get your desired shade. Is it great? Here gives you easy steps on how to make homemade hair dye. Read on them and start applying these recipes to color your hair naturally.

How To Make Homemade Hair Dye – 7 Natural Recipes

How To Make Homemade Hair Dye

1. Recipe For Dark Hair

If rich brown or almost black is your desired shade, then you can get it by making use of coffee or black tea. This natural home-made hair dye does not take from you too much time to prepare. Simply prepare several cups of coffee or black tea, then let it cool down. Pour the liquid over your hair which is clean, then cover the hair with a shower cap. Wait for 30 minutes or so. Then repeat the process about 2 times each week till you get the desired color of hair. Follow up for several weeks to freshen up that color.

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2. Recipe Using Henna Dye

Henna consists of compounds which stain the hair a dark red or brown color and this makes it a great natural hair dye. If you want to color your hair with black, then you can use henna in combination with sesame oil and curry leaves. To create this dye, you boil sesame oil, then add several curry leaves and keep this liquid in a tightly closed container. When you want to dye hair, add henna into this extract and boil for some minutes. Let it cool and start applying onto your hair. Keep it on your hair for 3-4 hours before washing your hair off.

You could also make use of castor oil with henna instead of sesame oil and leave out the curry leaves. Boil henna with castor oil in the iron pan, set aside till that oil turns into black color. After that, apply the mixture to the hair, wait for 3-4 hours before washing your hair off.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a burgundy shade, then you could cut and grind the beetroot. Mix the juice with henna in order to make a good paste. Those people who love to have a more reddish-brown color could take advantage of lemon juice, curd and henna along with a little bit of tea decoction. Actually, henna alone could give a copper red color and just indigo gives a blue color. If you combine them in different proportions, you will get various shades of brown. In case you want to have redder color, keep the henna leaves high. For more brown color, you could include more indigo. In addition to coloring your hair naturally, henna is also considered one of the natural tips on how to increase hair growth and hair quality as well. [Read: celebrity beauty tips for women]

3. Recipe For Lightener

Lightening your hair naturally though is a slow process, so you just try it if you could have enough patience. You must know that there is nearly no natural hair colorant which is able to make your dark brown tresses turn platinum blonde. Well, if you want to have a few highlights, then you could mix a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice with about 3 cups of chamomile tea. Then, soak the hair with this mixture. Let the hair dry under the sun, rinse it out and condition it well as well. Do this routine for 2-3 times each week to get the best results.

4. Recipe For Red Hair

If you want to have a red shade, you could use Hibiscus or Rosehips to get that desired color. Decide which one of these herbs you want to use and boil one cup of Rosehips or 3 cups of Hibiscus tea in 2 cups of water. Let it cool down, strain and massage the mixture into the hair. This works best if you do not wash it off. Do this 2-3 times each week to get the desired result. [Read: best anti aging tips for skin]

5. Recipe For Gray Hair

There is many natural stuff people could make use of to cover their gray hair naturally. Though this has just discussed previously by using henna, yet now you could have another option. When it comes to how to make homemade hair dye, using cherry tree bark or black tea leaves should be counted on. You could steep them together till you get a strong, dark liquid. Then, you massage the mixture into the tresses. Do not rinse it out. Repeat the routine as often as you could till you get the desired shade. Apply weekly to get the color maintenance.

6. Rhubarb Root Dye For Graying Blonde Hair

How to make homemade hair dye? Go for rhubarb root. This is really a potent dye that you could use to restore that golden sheen of the graying blond strands. Just boil the mixture of 3 tbsp of rhubarb root and 2 cups of water. Let it simmer and cool down overnight. Strain and pour it over the hair in the next day.

7. Rosemary And Sage Dye To Restore Natural Color

This is an easy, great tip on how to make homemade hair dye that is both surprisingly budget and eco-friendly, helping you restore your natural hair color and literally wipe off the unwanted grays or color. What you need to do is to brew a strong sage and rosemary tea which you will use on the gray patches daily. Then, spritz that liquid and massage it onto your hair, use your fingers to do it. Do not rinse it out instantly and keep patient as it will take several weeks to work well.

You have discover top 7 recipes on how to make homemade hair dye. Have you used one or some of them? Just feel free to share your opinion with us below this post.

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