How to make lipstick last all day – 9 tips are revealed

Do you want to learn how to make lipstick last all day? No woman likes it when her lipstick is off by noon. Lipstick in the magazines always looks rich, glossy, and perfectly applied. Nevertheless, models have to spend hours in the makeup chair to gain such perfection, and it just lasts till the end of the shoot. In reality, lipstick has to last through all day long and date nights also. Lipstick is notoriously hard to keep in place as lips are always in motion.

If you want to know how to make lipstick last all day, then use these tips and tricks for long lasting lipstick from to help the lipstick stay on from morning to night with minimal touch-ups.

How To Make Lipstick Last All Day – 9 Useful Tips

How to make lipstick last

1. Use A Lip Primer

When it comes to tips on how to make lipstick last all day, lip primer should be counted on. In fact, lip primers are specially designed to go under the lip pencil, lipstick or gloss. Thought it is not a product that women usually notice on the beauty product shelves, yet it really makes a difference. Oftentimes, they are marketed as a good manner to extend the life of the lipstick application and keep the right color in place. Using primers will help you prevent feathering, the migration of lipstick into those fine lines around your mouth. However, primers can work well for some people, while others feel uncomfortable and waxy when applying primers. Fact is, primers are not a necessity for such long-lasting lipstick, yet they are still worth a try. Alternatively, you can use foundation to replace for primers. Similar to a lip primer, foundation could create a smooth surface for your lipstick. Just simply apply one thin layer of your favorite foundation to your lips and blot for removing the excess oil. This tip can work best for those lipsticks in opaque, highly saturated colors; sheer shades might turn pale or muddy when they combine with the foundation. [Read: how to wear dark lipstick]

2. Start With Bare Lips

How to make lipstick last all day? You need to begin with bare lips. Using balms and glosses could help you protect the lips form sun, wind, and dryness, yet they also make a poor surface for long lasting lipstick. In order to get longer application, you should remove emollients and oils from your lips by blotting with a tissue. Actually, even well-applied lipstick might still wear off during the course of dinner date. Thus, you had better eliminate any vestiges of oil which might have lingered after your last bit of desert and then blot well before you reapply lipstick. [Read: ways to look sexy but elegant]

3. Use A Lip Liner

To know how to make lipstick last all day, you should know how to take advantage of the lip liner which can keep the lipstick in place effectively. Especially, it helps in keeping the lipstick from feathering and bleeding. And, the trick here is to make feathery little strokes.

Using a lip liner before applying your lipstick intensifies color and makes it much more durable. In reality, lip liners include the similar pigments as lipsticks do, yet the color is often suspended in the waxy pencil rather than a creamy stick. You had better choose the color of lip liner which is slightly lighter than the color of lipstick for keeping the look youthful and soft.

Rather than encircling your lips with pencils, you can begin at the center of the lower lip and then fill in the whole surface. Do the same routine with the upper lip. Using this technique will keep the telltale ring of the lip liner from showing as the lipstick fades. [Read: how to do a smokey eye]

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