17 tips on how to make men fall in love with you hopelessly

5. Have A Good Attitude

Oftentimes, men like women with sunny, cheerful dispositions. In fact, nobody would love to hang out with a negative, pessimistic individual. Thus, you should try view life in its bring side, learn positive thinking exercises so you could catch a good man. [Read: how to prove you love someone]

6. Avoid Being Rude

Guys are entirely turn off by arrogant or rude women. So, if you are rude to him or even just a waiter, then that guy will not see you as his potential lifetime partner. Guys absolutely love a girl who could take a stand, yet if it is something like arrogance, he would stay away from you. [Read: ways to look sexy but elegant]

7. Be Sweet

This is what all girls could be. Men are drawn to girls who are sweet and do not gossip, so you should keep snotty and cattiness comments to yourself when around your crush. The occasional catty comment is acceptable, yet be mindful. [Read: romantic gestures for him]

8. Use Your Eye Contact

A warm eye contact will make two individuals closer and perhaps fall in love with each other soon. Therefore, if you have a conversation with your crush, you should stare deeply in his eyes when talking. You could flirt or smile, yet every time the eyes of both of you meet the other’s, let your eye contact linger even when the two of you do not exchange any word. It will make the man feel fuzzy and warm, and would stir his own heart. [Read: how to show your love]

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