9 easy ways on how to make new friends in your 20s

When people are young, with lots of free time on their hands, and surrounded by schoolmates, it might be the easiest thing in the world to make new friends. However, for those adults, it is a different story. They work all day long, and are buried under household chores and crave sleep 24/7. As a result, they do not have time for new friendships. Are you one of them? If yes, you might wonder how to make new friends as an adult, right? Here we at Wikiyeah.com introduce to you top 9 simple ways on how to make new friends in your 20s. Just follow them up!

How To Make New Friends As An Adult – 9 Easy Ways

How to make new friends

1. Join In A Club

When it comes to tips on how to make new friends, joining in a certain club is a great idea. Whether your own interests are athletic or academic, there is bound to be a club for you nearby. Just simply join in an organization or club with those people who have common interests. Yet, it is not necessary for you to have a lot of common interests with those people to make friends with them. Actually, some of the most rewarding friendships are between the two people who do not have much in common at all, yet if you like a specific topic, you should try searching for just a location. It is a good way to meet new local people. You can take part in a Zumba class, a food lovers group or an instrument tutorial class to learn. [Read: 10 signs to tell if someone is jealous of you]

2. Chat On The Train Or Bus

How to make new friends? No matter what route you take to work, it is a guarantee you will not be on the commute alone. You should try to talk to a fellow passenger once in a while. You can carry a book along and you will be surprised at how many people will ask you about it. [Read: how to feel sexy and confident]

3. Get In Touch With Your Old Friends

Another tip on how to make new friends is to track down your old school mates. You can ask them how their own life are going, and invite them out for a meal or a coffee. Maybe just become pen-pals. Keep in mind to write regularly though – a Christmas card annually does not really count.

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