9 easy ways on how to make new friends in your 20s

4. Take Part In A Gym

By taking part in a gym, you will not only be able to get in shape, but also meet a lot of friends. You can offer to spot someone on the weights or share your pain with someone else who is also struggling to breathe after workouts. [Read: fitness tips for beginners]

5. Go Online

If you are reading this article on how to make new friends, you have probably already taken this step. A forum is always a safe place to meet new people. Or, take advantage of Facebook, Twitter to expand your relationships. Who knows? Your life partner is at somewhere in those social networks. [Read: how to find love in your 20s]

6. Hit The Pub

Go to the pub and start up a conversation with a friend, there will always be a lot of chances to socialize at the pub. [Read: how to understand people better]

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