9 easy ways on how to make new friends in your 20s

7. Volunteer Or Get A Part Time Job

Do you fancy doing something productive whilst on the look-out for friends? If yes, you should try a job or volunteer work. Have you ever considered the charities to which you can give your time? Volunteer is a good way for people of all ages to meet others. By working together, you will build bonds with people, and you might meet others who also have a passion for changing things the way you do.

8. Attend A Conference

Some people are a conference addict. They love conventions, mostly because they get to feel like a grown-up. By joining in conferences, you might meet new friends. Oftentimes, you will get home with a stack of business cards, and some potential friends.

9. Make Eye Contact

This is one of the most useful tips that not many know. Make eye contact and smile. If you have an unfriendly countenance, people are less likely to be receptive to your own friendship. Do not squint, looking bored, frowning, folding arms, or appearing blankly deadpan. These expressions imply as if you are screaming, “don’t’ talk to me”. And, such habits might make you look disinterested or troubled.

This article covers some simple ways on how to make new friends. Have you got more ideas or experiences to meet new mates? Leave your comment below because your help might change someone’s life.

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