How to make someone smile and brighten their world – 9 tips

Do you like to provoke giggles, chuckles, and smiles in your close friends or loved ones? If so, you’re in the right place! There is nothing wrong with spreading some cheer whenever you come and who knows, you can really make someone’s day. Use the simple tips from to know how to make someone smile and brighten their world.

How To Make Someone Smile – 9 Tips To Brighten Their World

How to make someone smile

1. You Smile First

Of course, one of the easiest and quickest and possibly most effective ways on how to make someone smile is to smile first. People do not seem to do this anymore and this sounds silly, yet really, it will brighten the day of someone else, even if they do not smile back, their own heart is also smiling. Smiling does not cost a thing, so you should make use of this natural powerful gift of the human beings. [Read: how to understand people better]

2. Give A Compliment

When it comes to tips on how to make someone smile, another quick tip is to compliment. You do not have to walk around thinking up how to compliment other people. However, giving a bunch of fake compliments does not work well, and most likely the person receiving the compliment will know it is not sincere. Thus, the next time you notice something good of other people that catches your eye, let them know.

3. Spread Good Gossip

You can share good things about other people. Whether it is a compliment from someone, or someone shared an accomplishment about someone, you should try to let people know that others notice them and that they are appreciated. For example, if you hear someone says nice things about your friend, colleague, or family member, just simply let them know. And, they will appreciate it. [Read: how to love your body]

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