23 guaranteed tips on how to make your boyfriend happy

6. Ask For The Help From Him

This tip works well, at the right time. That means you can ask for his help, yet properly. By asking his assistance, he will feel much better about both himself and you. That way, he will appreciate you more.

7. Hug Him Tight Without Any Reason

Sometimes, guys will melt like butter if being in such sweet affectionate moments. He might not always initiate it, yet if you hug him tightly out of the blue, I bet that he will love the way you hug him.

8. Use Public Display Of Affection

Well, not everyone can do this when it comes to public display of affections (PDA). Yet, if possible, you should show your love by indulging in PDA as guys will love it when their girlfriend kisses them on their cheek or clings to their own arm in the public.

9. Let Your Boyfriend Know About Other Guys You Meet

Now and then, you might meet many guys. Yet, whenever it is possible, you can let your boyfriend know that. If he ever bumps into another man with you, he will feel more confident and feel secure if he has already known about that man.

10. Let Him Know You Trust Him

Yes. A relationship will be happy if both partners give, not just receive. Have faith in your man and let him know that you really trust him. When a guy knows his girlfriend trust him, no matter what, he will feel more attached to her and take more and more initiatives for keeping her happy.  [Read: communication tips for couples]

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