23 guaranteed tips on how to make your boyfriend happy

11. Be Willing To Try New Things In Bed

Yes, sex is a great ingredient of a happy relationship. Guys will love a woman who could be a freak in bed. That means if he suggest something new to experiment in bed, you should agree. Yet, if you are really not ready for it, you do not have to bother with it. If he really loves you, he will surely understand that you are not ready. There are many things you could try. [Read: how to increase sex drive in men and women]

12. Tease You Guy

That means you should not always give in too easily as that might make you boring. Make your boyfriend work for you, to flavor your relationship. That way, he will respect you much more and take your seriously. This does matter a lot in a serious relationship.

13. Give Your Boyfriend His Space

Love does not mean possession. If you want your guy happy, you need to learn to give him his own space. Men often need daily time off to be by themselves.

14. Look Good  

Making your boyfriend happy does not mean that you have to do all things for him. In fact, taking care of yourself also works. Guys are instantly attracted to a woman who looks good. Your man is no different. Hence, you should dress well and look sexy when you are with him.

15. Avoid Prolonging A Fight

Arguments and fights in relationship are common and sometimes could tire both of you, leaving both of you feeling miserable and hurt. Thus, you should sort out any difference if possible.

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