23 guaranteed tips on how to make your boyfriend happy

16. Be With Him When He Is Down 

How to make your boyfriend happy when he is down? Be his shoulder to lean on. Just simply hold your boyfriend’s chin up for him. Rather than talking about his pitfall, you should help your guy overcome it.

17. Wear Sexy In Bed

Want to know how to seduce a man in seconds? Just wear like a sex goddess in bed, if the two of you share intimate relationship. His awkward grin will not disappear.

18. Be Friendly With His Friends And Get Along With His Family

Women spend a lot of time with girlfriends, yet men share a deeper bond with their own best friends. Thus, you should be friendly with his best friends and family and also make them favor you for the friendly and warm person you are.

19. Compliment Your Guy

Who says only women like to receive compliments? Guys too love getting compliments. So, you had better give your guy a chance to be on a cloud nice. That way, you will know how to make your boyfriend happy all the time. Yet, you should make sure that you are complimenting him because you really mean it. Admire his new hairstyle, admire his new sturdy motorbike. Praise him for the achievements on career field.

20. Cook For Him

It might sound clichéd yet the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, it does. You not have to be a professional cook but you should try your hand on something cooking and making tasty preparations for him to make him flatter your cooking skills. [Read: how to be approachable to guys]

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