23 guaranteed tips on how to make your boyfriend happy

21. Be Fun

Have a cheerful approach to the life and always look for something to laugh, even in tough times. Be spontaneous and cheerful around him and it will make him happy. [Read: how to stay positive in tough times]

22. Avoid Putting Him Down In Front Of Other People

Men have big egos, yet they are very fragile too. If you constantly put him down in front of other people or insult him, he might run into another woman’s arms that might treat him much better.

23. Make Him Feel Special

You should memorize his special days or tasks, and of course, remind him about it. Just simply do something nice for him like buying him a T-shirt for no reason. This will definitely make you happy.

Well, you have had cover 23 best tips on how to make a guy happy every day. Use them properly and you will surely have him grinning from ear to ear whenever he sees you. Especially, he will feel how special you are.

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