How to make your ex regret breaking up with you: 10 effective ways

Your ex left you and now you want him/her to regret doing so. Do you want him to regret it so much that he will crawl back to you?

Whether you are still interested in your ex or only want to make him/her suffer, here are effective ways to make your ex regret breaking up with you. If you insult him every time you see him, he will feel thankful that he broke up with you for good. That is the reason you need to behave like a lady. This article from will help you get that point but I am not going to warrant you 100% success, but I will make sure that I will help you take your opportunities up several notches.

10 Ways To Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You

How to make your ex regret breaking up with you

1. Cut Off Your Communication Lines Temporarily

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and blogs plays a big role in defining how your own behaviors impact the mindset of your ex. Thus, you should stop interacting with him/ her in any way on these common social networks. Some notes to pay attention to:

  • Do not like any status of your ex on Facebook
  • Do not retweet the tweets of your ex
  • Stop using instant messaging apps on smartphones
  • Avoid reading the blog of your ex
  • Do not share pictures from the Instagram of your ex.

2. Be Confident

This is one of the most important tips to remember when making your ex regretting breaking up with you. If you see your ex at the shopping mall, do not run and hide or put your head down with the hope that he does not see you. Instead, you should stand tall and smile. Be confident. Even when you feel miserable about your breakup, you still have to pretend that life is still going well. Acting confident when being around your ex is among the best ways to make your ex regret breaking up with you as it shows that you did not need him as he thought.

3. Post Pictures

Nowadays, apart from being a means of connection, social media was invented for everyone to brag. Thus, if you are friends with your ex on Facebook or any other social media, you should not message him privately telling him how comfortable or happy you are. Instead, post pictures of your best status. Jealousy could drive regret passively, so you can make your ex jealous by posting your happy photos on social media channels. Also, you could add an exciting caption to let people around know that you are experiencing the best time of your own life. That way, when he runs through your photos, he will notice what he missed and wish that he or she was there with you.

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4. Make A Good Change

Among ways on how to make your ex regret breaking up with you, this is considered the easiest but also healthiest way. Believe it or not, men are still visual creatures. Thus, dress well and get your body back in shape. You could lose weight or simply bulk up. It will take about a few months to realize the first signs of your effort to become apparent. Thus, be patient and show your best features. After getting your success, your ex will look at your amazing body and regret breaking up with you.

5. Date New People Steadily

Actually, after breakups, it is very normal to feel sad, heartbroken and depressed. Therefore, you could give yourself a few months to recover and stand up on your feet and regain your self-confident. You should not be desperate to date new guys/gals, but if there is someone asking you out for a date, do not instantly say no. You can tell your dates that you have just broken up and draw the lines with them before you can really get ready for a new relationship.

6. Achieve Your Professional Goals

An effective way when it comes to how to make your ex regret breaking up with you is to become an achiever. Concentrate on your goals, be it getting a promotion or passing an important exam.

When you become an achiever, such as a self-employed person, then your ex will regret breaking up with the one who is rocketing ahead in their life.

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7. Be Happy

One of the most famous post-breakup advices is that the best revenge is letting your ex acknowledge that you are still happy after breaking up. While there would be a depressed stage, you should not keep it for a long time. Be mature. Maturity will happen when you realize that your breakup depression does not stop you enjoying the life. Keep going out with your friends, take part in usual activities, and post it on your social media for the whole world to see.

8. Do Not Feel Flustered When Bumping Into Your Ex

To make your ex regret breaking up with you, you should not get flustered if you bump into you ex randomly. Actually, this happens more often than you imagine, particularly if you two have mutual friends or common activities. If this occurs, look at your ex straight in their eyes,  and give a light smile of acknowledgement. This shows that you are mature and confident enough to handle your breakup.

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9. After Keeping Silence, Entertain Communication With Your Ex

Keep in mind that you should entertain, not initiate communication with you ex. You can accept the communication with your ex but just on a casual level. Talk without strings attached. Remember to take time before replying to your ex’s messages because if you reply too fast, it may make your ex think that you want to communicate with them.

10. Be The Person That Your Old Relationship Did Not Allow You To Be

If your old relationship did not allow you to wear what you like as your ex thought that other men will stared at you; if you had to tone down your activities or behaviors because your ex thought that you were excited with the flirting of other people; or if you had to stop being someone as your ex did not want, then you should be the person that your ex did not allow you to be. That is the best way to make your ex regret breaking up with you.