13 ways on how to make your eyes look bigger without surgery

Possessing a pair of wider, love-worthy and impressive eyes is the desire of all women. In fact, it’s really easy to obtain, and just a few simple tips on how to make your eyes look bigger in your daily makeup habit will give you a helping hand in emphasizing your eyes. Check out from Wikiyeah.com!

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – 13 Useful Tips

How to make your eyes look bigger

1. Hydration

One of the best tips on how to make your eyes look bigger is to throw away the inflammation! Stick eye pads that ease puffiness for ten minutes. An solution to how to make your eyes look bigger is to make use of something cool such as a small bag of ice! [Read: how to get pink lips naturally]

2. Concealer

How to make your eyes look bigger? Make use of concealer. Blackish circles around your eyes lead to not only tire, but also a pair of smaller eyes. Try a concealer that is a bit brighter and more tepid than your skin. With the manner, you’ll even get rid of smaller eyes and delight blue and purple tones. [Read: how to get longer eyelashes naturally without mascara]

3. Curler

Do you use an eyelash curler every day? Certainly, it takes a little time to curl your lashes, but it has an enormous impact on your beauty! As you know, it can do you a favor in transforming eyes wider. Additionally, your lashes will cast off a hateful shadow around on your eyes. Therefore, your eyes will look more attractive, when they’re curled! [Read: home remedies for eyebrow growth]

4. Mascara – A Magic Makeup

Mascara is considered as one beauty makeup that most of you absolutely cannot live without. You can find a fresher and prettier face with some swipes of mascara. And there are so a lot of brands of mascara, which you enable to choose one that is suitable for you. [Read: how to do a smokey eye]

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