13 tips on how to make your man want to marry you fast

5. Mentions Or Comments On Rings

If you think that you two experience nearly all stages of a relationship and now it is time to get married, then use the image of rings to get that goal. The idea is that: when walking by the shop windows with engagement rings, you stop and point out the ones that you think are great. Or, you can comment on the ring of your mother, or your friends. Just be specific when commenting!

6. Make Him Get Jealous

Making your boyfriend jealous is a good way on how to make your man want to marry you. Let him see that you are desired by other guys, and he might want to make sure the whole world knows you only belong to him.
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7. Have Your Friend Drop A Hint

If you could not do it by yourself, you could have your close friends to drop a certain hint to your man. Have her ask what his plans are, or simply ask her to tell him what a happy and admirable couple the two of you are, and how happy she would be in the role of bridesmaid.

8. Talk To Your Mom

Well, you can have your mom to ask him for you. For example, when you and your man are spending time with your mom, your mom will have all types of input. You can ask her about the two of you, or about a marriage.
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